How to get a goatee

With the versatile Braun multi groomer you can shave, style and trim the perfect goatee style.

All you need is to pick one from the many, many facial styles out there. An all-time classic that is remarkably easy to achieve with the Braun multi groomer is a trendy goatee style.

Step 1

Start by clean-shaving the sides of your face and your neck below the chin. This cleans up your look and lets your goatee stand out without any distracting stubble.


Step 2

As a next step, start to trim your goatee to whatever length you want – with the multi groomers adjustable trimming attachment it’s completely up to you! Do this once a week to keep it looking tidy and sexy. If you let your beard grow too long, it tends to look a bit scruffy so don’t get lazy about it.


Step 3

Third, style the details of your goatee, making sharp corners where the sides of your goatee meet the horizontal line under your chin. This gives your beard a more defined look and lets it stand out even more. And that’s it – an eye-catching goatee in a matter of minutes!


Later on

Keep in mind that the goal of wearing a goatee is to make sure that the overall size never overpowers your face. You cannot let your goatee run riot all your face; you need to control the width. Because the wider the goatee, the fuller the face will appear. Not to mention, it will also appear like a cover-up and no longer a style, further diminishing its enhancing capabilities.

The trick is to never allow the beard to stretch beyond the iris of the eyes. So you can be sure that the face will tend to appear slimmer and it will also create proper symmetrical balance. Now what you do with the rest of the beard is clearly up to you.


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