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Please provide information on your Braun product in the fields below. Please note that the warranty extension can only be applied for products purchased no more than 2 years ago. As well, the warranty extension is only valid for Braun male and female grooming products, replacement parts and refills excluded.

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The product type number is a 4-digit code you will find directly on your Braun product. Usually, it is declared as "Type: XXXX". If you can not find it directly, maybe it is hidden behind the slide-out trimmer of your device.
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Still having questions? We are happy to answer all of them!

Where do I find my 4 digit product code?

You will find your 4 digit product code directly on the Braun product itself. Usually, it is declared as “Type: XXXX”. If you can not find it directly, maybe it is hidden behind a slide-out trimmer of your device.

Made in Germany

How do I redeem my warranty extension?

After your registration you will receive a document for download. Keep this document along with your product receipt. In case you need to redeem your warranty extension, send document along with proof of purchase to one of your Braun service centers.

How will you handle my data and information?

We work hard to build and maintain a relationship of trust with you. So, when it comes to handling your information, we do so carefully and sensibly, and in ways that live up to that trust. This policy lets you know how we do that, including what information we collect, how we use and protect it, and how you can decide what we do with it. Our goal is to help you understand how we use your information to improve our content, products, advertisements, and services.

How often will you contact me?

We will contact you on an irregular basis to inform you about new, exclusive offers, product innovations or news from Braun. At more regular intervals you will receive reminders for replacement parts or refills, depending on the products you are interested in. In any case, we promise not to flood your mailbox unnecessarily.

What if I change my mind and no longer want to receive notifications from Braun?

No problem. You can change or adjust your notification settings via your profile at any time. If you no longer wish to receive any messages from us, you can also delete your profile or unsubscribe from the notification at any time.

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