Colour saver range to keep colour last longer

Colour saver technology

To minimise the damage and fading that coloured hair faces during hairstyling Braun has developed the premium Colour Saver technology in their Satin Hair 7 Colour range of products. With a heat regulation system ensuring the perfect level of heat according to your hair type, fading is reduced and colour stays glossy and rich for longer. If you love your coloured hair but hate the damage and colour fade that heat styling can cause, feel confident in the knowledge that Braun loves it as much as you do. Braun’s range of styling tools is so great, they’re even recommended by Wella Professionals, experts in colour.

Heat – the biggest threat to your hair health

Excessive heat is dangerous to all hair, but coloured hair is even more susceptible to heat damage during hairstyling. Tests conducted by Braun’s hair experts show that already temperatures above 180 degrees can cause significant damage, especially to coloured hair. Braun's Satin Hair 7 Colour styling tools are different. With colour-appropriate temperatures and a personalised temperature selection it’s easy for you to choose the setting that's right for your hair. Don't choose between great colour and great style - choose Braun and get both!

Protecting the colour pigments with Braun Satin Hair

Tests prove that even freshly coloured hair experiences colour fade after only five cycles of washing and styling at temperatures above 180°C. That’s because the tiny pigment molecules that create the shine are not designed to withstand very high temperatures. If your hair gets too hot they start to lose their colour power. The result is your gorgeous shade fades away fast. With Braun Satin Hair 7 Colour styling tools, you can be sure that your hairstyling will be gentle on your colour, letting you enjoy luminous shine for longer.

Avoid harmful styling appliances

Faded colour and a coarse texture can all be avoided with the right styling appliances. Coloured hair especially needs extra- gentle care during hairstyling. With their Colour Saver technology featuring, even heat distribution, ceramic care technology, personalized heat settings and colour-friendly temperature limits, Braun’s Satin Hair 7 Colour appliances are the perfect partner for coloured hair.


Braun Satin Hair 7 Colour dryer

Lets colour live longer.